I tried posting about this a little while ago but it didn’t really work so sorry if this is a clone of my previous post.

WordPress has a habit of telling me my stuff has been posted when it’s actually just been deleted, so I’m heading over to my old Wattpad account: @kiste_

Feel free to give it a follow if you like! There’ll be poems/stories/random insight into my weird brain.

Everything that’s on here will be transferred over and then all my new stuff will be posted there rather than here.

Looking forward to starting fresh with new ideas!

I need a sign

I need a reason

After all, what’s my purpose?

Cruel words and worse thoughts coarse through my existence

My love is far away

My heart is so distant

My desire is expanding

Is this bitter life worth living?

All those photos, gone in a flash

Moments lost

Nothing lasts forever

Or maybe it does, who can say?

The trace of your last kiss still lingers

How could anyone forget?

Everything has changed

One day at a time

Never losing memory of you

You still own my heart

The Day After

What was she wearing?

How was she dressed?

How much had she had to drink?

Was she asking for it?

Was she known for being promiscuous?

Why was she alone?

This was bound to happen

Did he have good prospects?

What does he do for work?

How will this affect him?

How is he handling the accusations?

Is his future still secure?

Was he seduced?

Don’t let his life be ruined

The Siren

The crashing of waves

The sound of the breeze

A touch of the water

Will make sure you freeze

A storm is descending

Down on your boat

If it defeats you

I’m not sure you’ll float

An enchanting tune

A brilliant light

Beckons you forward

You’ve no will to fight

They’ve heard all the stories

They know of this curse

But still your crew

Are absorbing her verse

You start to walk forward

No light in your eyes

Nobody to save you

Or give your goodbyes

In front of her beauty

You drop to your knees

She takes you to the depths

Another ship lost at sea

Something I wrote for my English Language A-Level…

I stare at my reflection, although I do not see my own face. The mask tears a hole in my vision, its darkness creeping from behind my skull. I want to blink; to be rescued from the daunting mass that is myself, if only for a brief moment. But I can’t. I’d made sure. Once upon a time, closing my eyes almost got me killed. So I grabbed a razorblade and ensured my survival. The light of the mirror flickers, and I’m abruptly brought back to reality. No time for stories, little one, I have a job to do. The cellar door is locked, and for a moment, I could have forgotten. But memory is key in this place.

As the slow orange hue begins to fade from the windows, I embrace the night with open arms. The clouded black is almost therapeutic, and the silence reminds me of the true pleasure of one’s own company. The time has come at last. Of course no-one else knew. It was a secret. My secret. One worth keeping. If this secret was to be…accidentally exposed…it would result in a fate worse than death. And I would be the one to provide.

Stepping down towards the cellar door, I sense a presence, but hear no movement. I peek through the keyhole, but see only darkness. The key burns my skin, and the rope from which it hangs suddenly feels heavier around my filthy neck. I lift it and slowly open the door. I quickly smell the sweet scent of life. Nothing else satisfies me more. The adrenaline, the heartrate, the sweat. I take in the scent of dust, rubble and ash until the moonlight softly brings something into view. It comes to my attention that the pretty little thing is sat on the other side of the room, still asleep. Her breath creating a silver fog around her shattered nose, beads of water emerging from her skin and racing towards the ground; a beautiful crimson covering her forehead, and a deep violet covering her wrists. It’s amazing how splendidly weak these beings are.

A rush of cold liquid throws her eyes open, and I begin to feel her veins rushing with red. The rush I’d been waiting for had finally begun to arise. The sensation of life. The miracle of blood. The drumming inside her chest begins to quicken, creating something so impossibly divine. I caress her cheek with my dirt stained hand, her skin like silk against my dry and broken fingers. Her mumbles don’t phase me as she tries to make contact through the fabric between her lips, their sounds never do. She struggles to move away from me, but I pay it no mind. I’m focusing on the prize.

Now to choose my tool. I like to consider myself an artist, and my canvas is very particular. I choose my personal favourite. The handle makes my nerves tremble, as though electricity is being run throughout the entirety of my being. It’s the calm before the storm. My steps are heavy as I get closer. The pretty little thing is struggling more now, the rope tears her skin, but I can’t let her get a head start. Not before I reach my climax. My beautiful tool begins to take control of my limbs. The delicate strokes filling my palette with shades of bittersweet scarlet. And as I hear the beautiful sound of life, soon follows the crepuscule tranquillity of death.

Echoes rumble between the desolate walls, deepest red stains my skin, although it is not my own, it tastes just as sweet. The life of an artist, is truly, one of the best.

A little introduction…

If you’re reading this I’ll assume you’ve ventured here from my Twitter or my tumblr, either way, welcome!

This is going to be purely for creative writing. Stories, poems, haikus, etc. Basically anything that isn’t the boring rants I usually post.

Thanks for looking, I’m excited to share my writing with you.❤️